Top 5 Online Dating Tips for Men Over 40

Top 5 Online Dating Tips for Men Over 40


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If you are looking for some good advices regarding online dating for men over 40, you can probably stop looking and start reading. Men and women between their mid 30’s and mid 50’s represent one of the largest dating groups in the online dating world. This means that you have endless chances to find quality women.

You must know that the online dating world has become a common place where men and women find all kinds of partners and especially quality ones. The advices I’m about to give you will help you learn and understand some tricks which will put you ahead of the game.

1.Try making your photos fun and humorous.

This is a highly important aspect. You need to know that women are intimidated by those photos that are too serious, and you should not think that women are attracted or impressed by such photos, despite common belief. Women want to see you smile; they want to see a happy man, not a guy in a business suit. They need to feel an instant connection even if they’re only looking at your pictures.

2.Don’t hold back on the details

As mentioned above, in order for a woman to strike up a conversation, she needs to feel a connection. If you are more specific and include some details in your profile, a woman will feel more connected to you. You don’t need to be afraid of this, because if they don’t like what they see or how they feel, they will move on, and will not stay to judge or criticize. If you include in your description things like favorite restaurants or the vacations you wish go on, favorite movies, etc. you will probably be surprise to find out how many women are there that share your tastes, interests and dreams.

3.Don’t be too forceful or aggressive.

Women will not respond if you are too forceful because most of them prefer to take things slow. So you must let the communication build so that you can grow some attraction, allowing yourself to know her a little before the two of you go out.

4.Your character is your best asset.

Let go of the fears that keep you from revealing your true self. You need to be a gentleman, respectful and courteous, and more importantly, be yourself! Before you initiate contact with a woman, try reading this again to make sure that you create the right impression. The most important thing you should know is that grammar and spelling errors are a turn off for the women who are looking for Mr. Perfect.

5.Be careful with your introduction.

The first contact with a woman is the most important one and if you only say “hi” or “hello” you may not even get a response. A great strategy you can use is that of responding to something she wrote on her profile. Even if the reply you give her does sound corny, it will be more effective because she will know that you took an interest in reading her profile, and it will show her that you are interested in her personally and not just physically.

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