10 excuses women use to stay in a relationship

10 excuses women use to stay in a relationship


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Usually, women have an excuse for almost anything. Even staying in a relationship comes with excuses. If you think that your relationship is coming to an end, but she doesn’t make a single move, you might be presented with one of the following excuses.

1.       The sex

If the sex is good, be sure that she will not want to give that up. Would you? She might know that staying with you just for the sex is not really ok, but it means that she has to go out in the world and find someone as great as you. We all hate the search and sometimes we even find it rather infuriating.

2.       The “life span” of the relationship

It takes a while to get really comfy with someone. Women love stability and that safety feeling that they get when they are in a long-term relationship. It’s even harder to let go of someone who has been there a long time and let’s face it, it’s scary.

3.       Being alone

Even if it resembles the excuse mentioned above, this excuse is based more on the fear of being alone, especially when questions like: What if I never find someone as good as him? What if I won’t find love again? pop into her head.

4.       Hurting your feelings

Women still stay with a guy in a relationship because they still have feelings for him. This is the case in which the couple has been through a lot together and she doesn’t want to seem ungrateful.

5.       Moving out

Moving out is the biggest issue a relationship can deal with, it’s the most confusing and you have to wonder, who’s moving out, what to do with the things you bought together, what to take and what to leave and it becomes even more complicated if both names are on the lease.

6.       The dog

Many couples find it in their hearts to share a dog or a pet. In general, this is an unpleasant aspect of a relationship, there most certainly will be a fight on who gets to keep the pet and women will try to use the excuse that it’s the glue that kept them together and that the dog is part of the family.

7.       Getting along with your mother

When you break up with someone, it generally means that you sever any ties with family and family friends. But if a woman gets along with your mother, she will not want to break that tie because she broke up with you and not her.

8.       The handyman

A woman will not break up with her boyfriend because of the things he does around the house. If you do all the heavy lifting, the cleaning, the cooking, she won’t give you up just because of this. Put a man that helps around the house in balance with one she might have to pick up after… It’s not a fair trade.

9.       The vacation

Couples plan getaways together, with a lot of time in advance and when you don’t expect your relationship to end, a woman will ask herself what to do about the trip. It’s obvious that she will still want to go and some women are even willing to endure a few days of awkward situations for their own pleasures.

10.   The emergency contact

A woman will use the pretext of you being her emergency contact and this will confirm in some way her trust in you when it comes to hard times and difficult situations. Sometimes they just want to rid themselves of having to do extra paperwork.

You need courage in order to get out of a good relationship that went difficult, so no matter what her excuse might be, most women are incapable of ending a relationship when it’s over. 

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