10 Tips For New Relationships

10 Tips For New Relationships


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If you just started dating someone new or you are in a new relationship, there are some rules that you must follow to avoid a premature break-up. These are top 10 tips on what you should avoid when in a new relationship:

1. Don’t be needy- It is a major difference between wanting your girlfriend’s company and needing it to be content. She will dump you if you cling to her like a baby. You must be emotionally independent so that she can see that you are a strong and confident man.

2. Don’t beg for feedback- I know you are curious over what she thinks about you, but don’t beg for validation. Let her tell you what she thinks when she is prepared.

3. Don’t say it, act on it- Words can be very nice, but actions are better. Instead of telling her how much she means to you, you should show it through affection, tenderness and respect. Actions are more powerful.

4. Don’t expect her to be just like you- Ok, you have a lot to offer, but do not expect her to mirror all of your affections. Everyone shows their emotions differently and you shouldn’t demand her to be just like you.

5. Don’t make early confessions- You might want to tell her all of your secrets. This might show her that you trust her, but it may also seem that you are rushing intimacy. Be patient, you will have time later on to tell her everything. Instead, listen to what she has to say and that way you will show her that you know how to listen and support her and thus, you will become closer.

6. Don’t pressure her- If you pressure her into doing the things you want her to do, be it sexual, affectionate or otherwise, you will scare her away. Don’t expect things from her, focus on what she does that makes you happy and on what you can offer her. She will see that and she will want to do more to make you happy too. Just, don’t pressure her.

7. Don’t say “I love you”- You must be careful when saying the three-word phrase. Love is all about timing. If you say it too soon, you might scare her off. Build up to it, make her wait and until you know her really well. When you are sure about your feelings, tell her “I love you” with outmost sincerity.

8. Don’t send gifts prematurely - If you send her gifts prematurely, you might make her think that you have nothing else to offer and that you try to buy her affection. Wait for a milestone in your relationship such as anniversary or birthday to give her a gift. You can also give her a gift when she does something that makes you really happy. That way you can also encourage some behaviors over others.

9. Don’t send letters- Avoid poetry too early in the relationship, even if she inspires you. Stick to e-mails and notes to tell her what you think. Keep it vague and leave the love letters for later on.

10. Don’t be readily available- Mystery is attractive. Long-lasting seduction involves a touch of mystery and the art of keeping her guessing. Don’t be around her all the time. Let her wonder about you, and monopolize her thoughts: Hope + doubt = passion.

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You must follow these tips to gain an upper advantage, but these tips are only the tip of the romance iceberg.

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