4 traits women look for in men

4 traits women look for in men


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It’s hard for men to figure out by themselves what exactly goes on in a woman’s mind. Since we are so sensitive and fragile, most men don’t even know where to begin with understanding a woman. Now, you are probably asking yourself what are the traits that are the most sought after by us.

The traits that follow are the 4 most important things women search for in a man.

1.       Being honest

It’s not about whether you choose to tell a woman lies or not, it’s more about lowering your defenses and letting go of your ego once in a while. Being open goes a long way with women and it often goes hand in hand with being sincere. We enjoy knowing what and how you feel about certain things and if you manage to do this, you instantly have one of the traits we appreciate the most.

2.       Being compassionate

It’s not like we want to see you cry during a chick flick, a drama or a romantic comedy, adopt tons of pets or be sympathetic and compassionate about the whole world. We just want an overall nice guy, who would give up his seat for an old lady on a bus and who is a gentleman.

3.       Having integrity

The most annoying thing for us is when a man says he’s going to do something and then goes and does the exact opposite or he doesn’t do it at all. The concept of integrity, besides incorporating honesty, it means having strong morals, which is a highly attractive feature for every woman.

4.       Being punctual

It’s not about making us wait for you, or the fact that our dresses start to wrinkle and our make-up gets stale, but punctuality has to do with the respect you show us. Being late for a date with a woman basically tells her that her time isn’t as important as yours. If you know that your schedule might suddenly fill up, make sure you set the date for when you are free.

We might be though to reach, but as a diamond in the rough needs polish, so do we need a bit of respect, honesty and compassion to make us open up and be the best we can. 

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