5 ways to make her feel sexy

5 ways to make her feel sexy


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Women are naturally sexy and sensual. Given all these, we can still loose self-confidence.

Women put a lot of energy in the game of attraction and in maintaining the man’s interest, so, to make her feel wanted is very important. I’ll tell you about a few natural, common-sense methods to make her feel wonderful and sexy as you want her to be. A man wants an attractive woman next to him, so you can make her be even more attractive.

Women want to show their sexy, erotic side but it depends a lot on you, dear man.

I am always talking about the ordinary, natural relationships between a man and a woman, who like each other and they end up together.

A woman wants to have faith in a man. A woman needs a man. A woman will never reveal herself completely unless she has full faith in the man that’s standing in front of her.

Only your true affection and your manly love will set her free and allow her to be the woman that you want from all points of view.

1. Be affectionate

Nothing makes a woman feel more desired and more beautiful than your true affection. Slide your hand gently through her hair, hold her in your arms and whisper her sweet nothings in her ear.

The game of seduction must be played constantly. All of these small gestures will make her melt and she will have more faith in you.

2. Pay her sincere compliments

Women like to be adores, so don’t be shy in telling your girlfriend what you love more about her in detail. Don’t just brag her looks, but also her accomplishments, abilities and skills.

Suggestions: compliment her on the way she moves her lips or how she wears that dress or a pair of jeans, whatever makes you love something about her. Tell her that she is special because she really is.

3. Buy her sexy things

If you want to make your girlfriend feel sexy, then make sure that her presence is sexy. Everybody talks about lingerie, but you can buy her clothes that show her curves, or makes them thinner. When she is wearing an object that you have bought for her, tell her how beautiful she is and how good she looks in it. Tell her how much you love her body in her new clothes. That will make her feel more confident about her image, it will keep her sexuality alert and of course, it will be more fun for you when she wears them. A sexy woman will answer you back sexually and sensually.

4. Prepare her a sensual bath

By offering your girlfriend a sensual bath it will definitely be a pleasant experience for both of you. Remember the aim of this bath is not to clean her body but to make her feel relaxed, sexy and spoiled.

Light up some candles, bring something to drink, something that she likes, let her relax and enjoy herself.

5. Just tell her how sexy she is

Nothing makes your woman feel sexier than you telling her: “Wow! You are so sexy!” Tell her how great she looks, that she is very sexy and that you would love to see her like that more often.

These words will do wonders for her self-confidence.

Be her mirror, appreciate the effort that she does especially for you, and tell her how much you desire her.  All these will improve her self-esteem and her faith in you.

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