6 Relationship Problems and Possible Solutions

6 Relationship Problems and Possible Solutions


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Every couple has its ups and downs now and then. What you have to bear in mind is that every problem has a solution so do not give up when it comes to reviving the passion in your relationship.

Once you get more comfortable with your partner, you will both start to be more confident in expressing what you do not like about each other. The thing to do is to communicate and solve these problems before they start smothering your relationship.

Trust Issues

If your partner gets jealous and possessive just because you noticed another girl, show her that she is the only one you have eyes for. She may not trust you enough if she feels constantly threatened by other girls you might meet. The solution is to make her feel like this is something natural and she does not have to take it too seriously.  When you are out you can ask her if she thinks a certain guy or girl is cute; this way you will show her that this human instinct is not threatening since you love each other.

You Need More “Alone” Time:

You have been in this relationship for a while and you have spent a lot of time together. Now you sometimes feel you might use some time on your own, not to smother your relationship. In this case, do not make her feel you want to get rid of her, just suggest her that it is perfectly fine for her to have some alone time with her friends or find a new hobby. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that every minute spent together should count so that she does not feel left out of your life.

Endless Fighting

Every couple has its arguments, but when they start to monopolize your relationship, you are in trouble. First of all think if the topic is really worth arguing about and if so, have a civil and respectful conversation whenever she has a complaint. Carefully listen to her and try to understand what she is trying to tell you. You will notice that by doing so, she will also be more open to your complaints.

Financial Issues

If you have arguments regarding who pays what, you should just sit down and analyze the issue. You can make a joint account if you live together or take turns in paying the bills. It’s not just about financial planning, but also about avoiding redundant arguments.

Routine Has Taken Over Your Life

This happens to most couples, but many times they are just too comfortable to do something about it when in fact it is really easy to revive the spark of love. After spending a long time together you might not feel so inclined to be romantic with each other. Nevertheless, you should try every once in a while to surprise her, maybe with a romantic evening by the candle lights or a romantic dinner. No matter what you decide to do for her, trust me, she will definitely appreciate it.

Working Too Much

When work is the one that keeps you separated, you should try to plan your schedule more carefully and make the time spent together count. You can take her to lunch if you have a break during work or you can organize your tasks more efficiently so that you have more time for her. Any sacrifice you make will be appreciated and if not, maybe you should reconsider your relationship.

In the end, no matter what it is you are doing to make her feel happier, she should do the same and show you she is willing to make sacrifices for you as well. Relationships are a two-way street and both of you have to fight to make it work.

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