7 phrases women hate

7 phrases women hate


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In a woman’s life, we hear thousands of words spoken by men and we all appreciate them up until one point. We have composed a list of 7 phrases that a man should never use when trying to get a date or even when trying to strike up a conversation.

1. You’re so hot!

This phrase is not nearly as good as beautiful, nice, pretty etc. because it instantly tells a woman that you want to sleep with her.

2. You have a great body; you should wear more flattering clothes.

Through this, women understand that they are not showing enough skin or that you don’t appreciate their fashion sense, treating them like they are some show ponies is not going to get you a date.

3. Pick up lines

If you don’t have the imagination necessary to come up with something smart instead of asking a woman “Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?” trust me, even a comparison with a favorite relative is better.

4. Asking if you’ve met before

It’s not ok to ask a woman this for the simple fact that you are practically saying that if the two of you have actually met before, she wasn’t all that memorable to you.

5. Asking to do a shot

Well this says more about you than you might like to think. For example it says that you need to be drunk in order to have a conversation because you lack social skills.

6. You look much better than my ex-girlfriend

Do I really need to explain why you shouldn’t say this? You admit not being over your ex and that you feel the need to compare every girl you meet to her.

7. Inviting us to a wedding

If a woman came up to you, one who you haven’t met, in a bar and asks you if you would like to go with her to a wedding this weekend, wouldn’t she seem desperate to you? Don’t you have friends you could take or even a relative?

We want to be treated with respect and not like a show pony, even if there are some of us who prefer it, but they’re not the kind of woman you would present to your parents. Avoid using these phrases and think of something smart to say.

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