How can men overcome jealousy

How can men overcome jealousy?


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Jealousy plays the part of the most destructive force that can exist in a relationship. Ok, a bit of jealousy is fine, a woman loves it when men show it, because it says how much he cares for her. But if it’s more than that, then a man will probably get dumped.

What is jealousy?

Well, to begin with I’d have to say that it’s an affirmation of your own insecurities and fears. It is a public display of your weaknesses and not your qualities and strengths. Women are attracted to confidence and strength; it is always a matter of finding an alpha male on whom they can relay for protection.

If you lose control over a talk she had with some guy, she will think that you are less of a man than he is: her intentions towards him might have been friendly. This reaction might even trigger the thought that maybe she would be better off with him, rather than you. Women are never unfaithful to the man they consider as being Mr. Right. It is the confidence and the comfort you provide her with, which she will always return to.

It stands as a matter of trusting her loyalty and all the emotions and time she has invested in your relationship. And if you have jealous outbreaks you will show her that you don’t trust her, which is infuriating. Being constantly suspicious and accusing will only drive her into the arms of another guy.

When she smiles to someone else

Let’s stop for a second and think about what actually makes you go off like a bomb. Stop telling yourself that this is not about you; it is, because if when you are together, the relationship is great and it’s always smooth sailing, then it’s clear that there is no reason for you to doubt her.

A smile is worth a lot, this is what we, men and women, are taught at a very fragile age. With a smile we can achieve a lot of things and we can manage to get the things that we want and desire. Women communicate many things through a smile: it’s polite and she may not even be aware of the attractive energy she can expose while doing so.

Try trusting her.

She is the flesh and bone visualization of all your hard work, of the trust you invested in her, what made you change your opinion? She hasn’t changed and she is still there with you, she won’t leave if she knows for sure how you feel about her.

Stop imagining things.

Every time you are about to go into meltdown because she is running late or cancels one of your dates, try to think of positive things, calm down and think of what reasons she might have for doing so. Don’t let your imagination go on a rampage towards the worst-case scenario.

How is the time you spend together?

Do you feel safe and sound when you’re with her? Do you feel as if she has something to hide, or has her attitude towards you changed in any way? If she is as she was before and not nervous or distant, then you have nothing to worry about.

You need a boost.

If you feel unworthy of the woman you have beside you and you always live with the fear of her running off with someone else, try working on your self-confidence if not for your sake, then for hers and that of your relationship.

Keep in mind that the only thing that jealousy, and especially the excessive kind, does to a relationship is more harm than good. Grab the bull by the horns and make it stop. Enjoy the moments you spend together with your woman and stop doubting her and her loyalty towards you. Think about it: don’t you love her just the way she is, happy and friendly? Would you want to change that? If so, you need to rethink your position.

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