A Date With Your Best Friendís Ex-Girlfriend

A Date With Your Best Friendís Ex-Girlfriend


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There is a certain woman on your mind since, well, like forever. With a fantastic personality and a fabulous body she just makes you think that she might be the ideal woman for you. Just that there’s a small problem. Her ex and your best friend are the same and only person. So what can you possibly do? You have to take into consideration many factors before you even begin to fantasize your future with her.

You and your best friend

Some men can develop strong bonded relationships with other men. If you and your friend have a friendship which lasts since grade school, if the two of you get along almost perfectly, think again about what you might ruin if you go for his ex-girlfriend.

Yes, she’s gorgeous and it seems impossible to find another woman as good as she is. However, she won’t be able to replace your friendship with your best friend and even the sex won’t cover the loss of the emotional connection with your best friend.

However, there is another type of friendship between men. Two guys can be best friends when it’s about parties, alcohol and girls, nothing more. This is more of a fun revolved friendship which as you can imagine, is less emotionally bonded. If you are in this kind of a relationship with your buddy, he is more likely to accept the possibility of you and his ex-girlfriend together.

There are men who are willing to “share” their women and there are those who will immediately end their friendship with you just because you glanced at their ex.

Before doing anything stupid, figure out what kind of a relationship you have with your buddy.

Your friend and his ex-girlfriend

You have to figure out what are your friend’s feelings towards his ex-girlfriend. Has he got over that relationship? If he is already dating another woman for a while, it can be a clear sign that he got over his ex-girlfriend pretty easily.

Find out if they broke up recently or if it happened years ago. Obviously, if he is the one who decided the breakup, he is not suffering as much as if she would’ve dumped him. Take into consideration all the aspects of their past relationship and learn how to act accordingly. If you conclude that he is still suffering after the breakup and he is still hoping on her come back, it’s obvious that you are out of the game.

Why should it be forbidden to have access to his ex?

When men set boundaries such as “You can’t date my ex-girlfriend for the following 5 years.” it’s like they make an arrangement for a new fridge. Women are not objects even if some of us men think that way. How can your buddy stop you and her from getting together if the two of you really like each other? He has no right. Actually, if he really is your best friend he should let you near his ex, especially if you sense that she might be the one. However, it’s painful for a man to accept that the other one is better.

Your move

Even if your buddy gave his word that everything is going to be fine by him if you start dating his ex, you should take it slow. Also, after he gives you his blessing, you should open up and tell him that you would never do anything to ruin what you have with him, for anyone.

Good luck! 

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