A Romanian woman’s culture

A Romanian woman’s culture


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In Romania there are basically two types of women which can be characterized more or less according to their location and age.

Women living on the country side and usually a bit older are very traditional and may seem to have a laid-back personality. They are mostly taking care of their household, their children and grandsons. Their husbands are considered to be the head of the family and thus they always respect him, but she is also respected because of her important role in the family. They have amazing cooking skills and you will always feel welcomed in their homes. They like to take care of their guests, but they also expect you to be polite and not refuse whatever you are given.

These women are rather the archetype of a traditional woman who seeks to have a traditional family with strong and healthy moral values. In case you appreciate more modest and down to earth women, you should definitely give them a chance.

The younger women on the other side, and especially those who live in cities, are modern, but also down to earth women. They are highly ambitious and intelligent, always fighting for their values, ideas and more independency. They are working and studying hard to be able to enjoy whatever opportunity might appear in their lives.

Although they are modern and consider themselves equal to men, they also believe in some traditional values like those inspired by marriage and family. Basically, their main purpose is to build a career so that one day they could also provide for their existing families and their future families, once they get married.

In the Romanian society, family is very important and parents keep in touch with their children in most of the cases. Not only do they keep in touch, but they will always feel responsible for each other, so whenever one member of the family has a problem, the others are bound to help him/her. You should know this in case you would like to marry a Romanian woman, because for them family is sacred.

I believe this kind of values are really healthy, and building a relationship with this type of woman will be rewarding since she will always be by your side no matter what. She feels it is her duty as a wife to support you and help you no matter what. However, they also expect to be respected and loved by their man.

Always remember, the Romanian woman is a strong being, capable of doing no matter what for her loved ones, so you should feel lucky if you find her and get her to marry you.

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