Approaching a mature woman when you’re young

Approaching a mature woman when you’re young


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Young men have a thing for mature women. They appreciate a mature, confident and good looking woman in comparison with an insecure and moody young girl. The only problem of a young man who wants to meet a mature woman is the approaching part. How is he supposed to start a conversation with an experienced woman, who already met some men and was probably married or had children?

If on the young women a cocky and funny attitude works wonders, how are you supposed to approach a mature woman who has already been through a lot of dates? You might think that older women want a nice and soft guy or that you don’t need to hit on a mature woman at all, since she is so experienced, she gets that you like her and she will do all the courting job. Think again. Older women appreciate a man’s attention even more than young women, just because a mature woman needs to still feel appreciated and attractive. Even if she is older than you, you should act like she is younger, actually. It will give her a self-esteem boost.

Let’s say that your eyes fell on a gorgeous 35 years old woman, who just sips from her martini, at the bar. You could go up to her and ask permission to sit near her. You could order a whiskey (only if you can handle whiskey) and then offer her one of your cigars (if she looks like she would enjoy a smoke). Have a casual and cool conversation with her, talk to her about a certain whiskey brand and ask her if she enjoys whiskey or if she would like to try. Act as a self-confident man who just happens to get to the bar and drink something for winding up after a stressful workday. If she is a mature woman it doesn’t mean that she needs a nice guy to carry her bag. Older women are sufficiently grown up to take care of themselves and to act according to their wishes. Also, they know what they want and how to get it from their long experience, obviously.

Keep in mind that you have to be respectful but cocky at the same time. Mature women are getting tired of men who always act too polite and wussy around them, just because they feel inferior due to their experience. Challenge her, make her have doubts and fears that she might not be as great as she thinks. If you manage to do that, she will eat from the palm of your hand.

Let some free room for Mr. Nice Guy, when he’s really needed, but make sure to show her that you know who you are and that you are mature enough to handle an experienced woman as she is. 

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