Are you the rebound guy

Are you the rebound guy?


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The rebound relationship is an alluring alternative to a heartbreak. Due to the fact that they have been rejected, in order to validate themselves, women tend to jump into the arms of the first arrival. They will seek a rebound relationship just to feel better. Women tend to do everything to prove to themselves that they are still attractive, lovable and important.

Because they need to feel safe, women will begin a so-called pseudo relationship which can be either an emotional or/and a sexual affair. The rebound relationship is selfish, and will never replace true intimacy, but women can easily convince themselves that this is not true.

If you are the rebound guy, you probably won’t know it. It will be a psychological game in which you will lose. That is why it is important to know if you are the rebound. Read the following tips, tricks and signs in order to avoid the humiliation and pain that comes with a rebound relationship.

1. When did her last relationship end?

When dating a woman, ask her when did her last relationship end. If it has been less than six months, you should be cautious as she might not be over it. If it has been less than three months, I would be very careful because if it was a serious relationship, she might not be over it. Less than a month….run!! A woman isn’t emotionally capable to enter a new relationship after 30 days.

2. How often does she speak about her ex?

If she keeps talking about her ex, you are definitely her rebound guy. It is normal to tell you about her relationship and what happened, but it should be a minimal conversation. If she calls you by his name, it is not ok because it means that he is still on her mind.

3. Does she still talks to her ex?

If she is still in contact with her ex, you are her just-in-case guy. You are the one who is going to be there for her if they do not get back together. Women are clever and you will probably not realize but if she keeps getting questionable messages or phone calls from her friend “Michelle”, they might be from her ex, “Michel”, so pay attention.

4. Do you know her friends or family?

If you are her rebound guy, you probably haven’t been introduced to her friends or family. If they are in a new relationship, women like to be courted. They want a dinner and a movie, long phone conversations, flowers and all that. We want the entire world to know about you, so if your dates are only behind closed doors and you don’t know her friends or family, you are definitely her rebound guy.

5. Is she bitter?

If she seems to be angry and cynical when it comes to men and dates, she is probably still not over their ex. Be careful, because you might be her emotional pay back, because this is what rebound guys are. They are those dealing with the bitterness of a woman mistreated by another man.

6. Has she moved on?

If after a rebound relationship she gets fixed, she will move on. If you have been dating this woman for a few weeks and then she vanishes, you were a rebound relationship. After a rebound guy women feel attractive and appealing again and they will make a brutal exit. At the end of the rebound relationship, from the one who has been dumped, she becomes the dumper. This way she feels strong, and she just walks away, without guilt or pain, and you will begin the cycle once again when you will also seek for a rebound girl.

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