Are you the three months relationship guy?

Are you the three months relationship guy?


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You are very happy about your relationship, but when you reach the 90th day you break-up with your soulmate. So, are you at risk of becoming her next three months man?

More men are ruining their relationships for no reason, but they regret making foolish mistakes only after the relationship is over. Most romantic affairs do not end because of the woman’s mistakes but because of the fact that their ninety-day nice guy warranty has expired.


There are many causes for which a man runs away from a perfectly good relationship. No matter why this happens, it is very important for a man to realize the causes of his bad decisions in order to avoid ending up in the same nasty situation. Most of the relationships that end after three months do so because the man cannot see his own mistakes and because he thinks that all the women he dated are good for nothing and the situation continues to repeat itself.

Other triggers are former experiences with women such as the fact that some men enjoy the hunt, others have impossible standards or they are just plain jerks. This is a list of character types that describe you as a Three Months Man.

The infatuation Addict

This is the kind of man who falls in and out of love quickly. He is usually spontaneous, self-assured and irrational and he lives to make desert promises to his partner by whipping her into a frenzy of feelings. He also gets easily bored, restless and breaks up a relationship for no apparent reason.

A man focused on a marriage mission

He might seem to be the serious and stable guy but he carries around a checklist filled with qualities and attributes that he should find in his soul mate. Unless she lives up to his standards, he won’t hesitate to break up with her within the next three months. He has a clear idea of what he wants and doesn’t want to waste any time experimenting. He might take her home to introduce her to his parents, but only to see if she is fit for marriage. As far as long-terms goals are concerned, he will want to make sure she is on the same wavelength as him before investing time in his relationship.

The wounded guy

This is a man who had been badly hurt and you can see it by only looking at him. He shows this through his posture, body language and he still seems to be suffering after a mysterious woman. He is now very picky and avoids commitment in order to protect himself from further suffering. He makes romantic promises but he never fulfills them and in his mind it is too risky to get involved with someone he cares about.



In order to make sure that you are the Three Months Man, you can also check these questions:

1. You can’t wait to meet new women?

2. Do you get easily bored in a relationship?

3. Did most of your relationships end in less than 3 months?

4. Do you think about most of your girlfriends to be “The One”?

5. Are your friends tired about hearing that you have met “The One”?

6. Could you form a cheerleading squad with the women you’ve dated in the past 2 years?

7. Have you been accused to being afraid to commit?

8. Do women seem less perfect the longer you date them?

9. You break up with someone as soon as you think she might be having second thoughts about you?

10. Do you think there's always a chance for finding a better woman than the one you are currently with?

If the answer to these questions is mostly yes then you need to solve your issues and even see a therapist. Learn from their past mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future.

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