Avoid women who post artsy pictures

Avoid women who post artsy pictures


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When scrolling through women's profile pictures, watch out for those who post artsy photos like those where she is wearing a hat and her nose is protruding through the hair over her face, those where her head is turned so that you can see her hairdo or where she is lying down in a poorly lit room with her head tilted to the side. Women who post artsy photos are hiding the way they look.

This is the catch:

A woman must only post three pictures: face, full-length body and one that includes either of the two. If she doesn’t fulfill these conditions, avoid it and moreover, do not go for a woman who wears sunglasses in each one of her photos.

Also, avoid women who post one portrait picture and then long-distance photos because she basically says that she is fat but she wants you to believe that she has a fit body so that you would message her.

Do not believe it

It is not about avoiding overweight women but about the fact that they have low self-esteem. You can know how she is just by the type of photos she posts. Confident women will be in tune with their sexuality and their photos will reflect this.

No matter what kind of photos appeal to you, avoid artsy ones because you do not want to be the one who gets unpleasant surprises.

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