Bachelor party gone crazy

Bachelor party gone crazy


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You are in a great and loving relationship with an amazing girl and things start to get very serious between you that you even make plans for a future together like other friends of yours. One of them already decided to get married, but before that happens he wants to have the best party ever, to celebrate his last night as a bachelor and he puts you in charge with organizing it.

If it was just for you maybe you wouldn’t organize a cliched bachelor party, but it is your friend’s decision how he wants to party, so you have to comply. You know that no matter what happens at this party you will have to deal with this knowledge at every “couples night” with your friend and his wife and moreover, you would lie to your girlfriend if something crazy happens.

Nevertheless, you have to plan this party and you have to do it good. So you find the best stripper, get the alcohol and book a location (most likely a hotel room or another place where you will have privacy) and then you are ready to party. Since you were the organizer, the stripper might be hitting on you sometimes and you might get fooled into thinking she is actually interested in you. You start to think that maybe your girlfriend is not as crazy in bed as this stripper might be, but she still satisfies most of your desires and besides that, she is also an amazing woman with whom you really connected. The only problem is that the stripper really knows how to make a man want to go to bed with her. So, would it be ok to do it, just one time, when all your other friends are passed out drunk? Nobody will ever know what happened.

The problem is, it doesn’t really matter that nobody will find out. You will know it and that’s enough for you to do it again. Do you really want to jeopardize the relationship you have for a one-night-stand with a stripper? Because even if your girlfriend doesn’t find out about this, you will do it again and she will eventually notice you are cheating on her.

A bachelor party is all about celebrating the last day as a bachelor, but you should also think of it as a transition to a committed relationship and a family life. If you cannot control the urge to sleep with the stripper at a bachelor party, then maybe you are not ready for marriage or for a serious relationship for that matter. If you organize this party for your friend, you should expect the stripper to be interested in you since you are the guy with the money there. I know she is hot, smells great and she can make you go crazy, but always put in balance what you can have for one night with what you might lose forever.

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