Basic facts about Romanian women

Basic facts about Romanian women


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During the communist regime, the strict regulations regarding the social life and the censorship have prevented Romanian women to express themselves as they would have liked. They were limited to have a job and take care of the children, being responsible with an increase in the population. They were merely an instrument for state policies. Nowadays, they are very active in the social, cultural and political life of the country.

After a long time of restrictions and limitations, they are now taking advantage of their important role. Historical events have forged strong women, eager to fight for the well-being of their families and to protect their values.

Romanian women are physically fit (no wonder they do so well in gymnastics), usually thin and with long legs. Their hair color varies from blonde to dark brown and their eye color is also variable, from light blue to black eyes, their complexity is stunning.

However, it is not all about looks when talking about Romanian women. They are very ambitious and persistent in whatever they are doing. They are very feminine and romantic and love the simplest things in life. Once they fall in love they are devoted and loyal partners who are not afraid of commitment.

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