body language-Men's flirt

Body language-Men's flirt


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Urban myths say that men hit on women while women are being hit on. But, if we look carefully the entire “hitting on” game is nothing but a back and forward race of signs through which both of the sexes manifest their interest or lack of interest towards the person around them.

All you have to do in order to understand this game and be a part of it is to understand what the signs mean. I wonder how many times have we asked ourselves frustrated, like in a silly childhood game when we used to pull out a flower’s petals, “He likes me, he likes me not”?

When it comes to flirting, it seems that women are indeed from Venus and men from Mars, and that is because each has very different notions about what is attractive and what not. That is why sometimes is hard to know if the man in front of you is interested in you or not.

If when they flirt, women choose from over 50 different kind of moves meant to express their interest, men limit themselves at approximately 10 moves, be they are conscious or not. You may already have figured out some of them, and some you may know but you do not know what their purpose is. To make it easier for you in the future, I have gathered the most common non-verbal indicators that men flirt.

If among his gestures you can also spot the next things, then you can be sure, that he will ask you on a date if that is what you want. Instead, if you cannot spot them among his moves, he is either not interested or not interested enough for you to notice.

Raising his eyebrows

Raising his eyebrows is one of the first reactions that a man has, as well as women, when they notice an attractive person. Now don’t expect him to stare at you for 10 minutes, like time would sit still in a Hollywood movie.

When a man is interested in the woman in front of him, he would unconsciously raise his eyebrows for just a second. Psychiatrists say that this reaction makes the eyes bigger, and they reflect more light, thus seeming brighter and more seductive. So, before even knowing that they feel attracted, men already start flirting, and this unconscious reaction is at the origin of the sparkling eyes, which so worshiped by novelists.

Improving your looks

Basic instincts tell a man that his odds are higher if he looks good. He wants to impress with his looks so he will pass his hand through his hair, fix his tie (if he wears one), collar, cuffs, or any other piece of clothing that you can see. These gestures are to some extent similar to a woman’s tendency to wet their lips when they are attracted to a man, and might be interpreted as “I want to look good for you”.

Becoming the Alfa male

A man who is flirting will try to show you that is the leader of his group. To give you this impression he might flex his muscles. This will make him look better-built and taller. Through this, he wants to show you that he is powerful, that he can protect you and that he can bring some healthy genes into a possible future relationship.

In order to catch your attention some men choose more discreet signs such as fixing their tie or standing in a certain position, while others are loud and do expansive gestures. The exaggerated moves are an indicator of the fact that they want to stand out from the rest of the group so that his possible partner will perceive them as individuals.

Eye contact

When a man maintains eye contact longer than necessary, then you can be certain that he is interested in you. He prolongs the eye contact moment in order to show you that he is fascinated by you. It is also possible that after he has looked you into the eyes long enough to show you that he is interested, he might lower his looks over your lips and neck, then over your entire body and then return to eye contact. (He also shows his interest by letting you see him admiring your body).

During your conversation he might look at you with his eyebrows slightly raised, as a signs that he finds you interesting…or crazy. No matter what, it is still better than finding you boring.

Physical contact

Gestures like touching your hand, shoulder, removing a fluff, hair or dust from your clothes, come as physical gestures through which the man in front of you tells you that you are attractive.

If he likes you he will find an excuse to touch you in order to show his interest but also to find out whether the attraction is mutual or not.

Of course that if he tends to be too pushy, he might not receive what he wants, but a drink in his face.

Another gesture that should make you think is his attempt to guide you by putting his hand on your waist (on the lower part of your back). This move also has a double role. On the one hand, it is a protective instinct and on the other, it warns everyone else that you are or will be in the close future together.

Although they seem too simple, all of these gestures work, otherwise there will be no explanation for the human race. The “hitting on” game has changed lately, or maybe we have, so much that we sometimes don’t even know how to notice and get the primordial signs. But if you want to know for sure whether he will call you or not after your first date, try to look carefully after these signs.

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