Break up with her kindly Part 1: The dumper

Break up with her kindly; Part 1: The dumper


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At some point in some relationships, you have to break up with someone you care about but whom you no longer love. That is when you start asking yourself how to do it without causing her too much pain or psychological distress.

Most men tend to postpone this moment and delay the inevitable because they feel too guilty to do it. The others choose to drop the news without notice. What you should know is that a man should plan the break up so that he can minimize the pain caused to his partner. You should also be nice about it because you do not know with whom she might be talking to about it (friends, your boss or potential girlfriends).

The dumper

If you want to break up with her you should know that dumping her is never easy, especially if you are feeling guilty about it. You will now regret all those promises about riding off together into the sunset. The break-up is a confusing time mostly because you never planned of dumping her in the first place.

As stated before, there are cases in which men feel guilty about hurting their partner so they torture themselves by staying in this situation. It is in unfair to you and to her. If happiness is not there for you anymore, it is probably the same for her too, just that she doesn’t know it yet.

She might be too comfortable to take the decision so you shouldn’t feel guilty about breaking-up because you will save both a lot of misery in the long run.

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