Break up with her kindly Part 2

Break up with her kindly; Part 2


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The dumping

You can’t run from this. If you try to ignore her until she will go away, you won’t be getting anywhere. She will have no closure and there will be some therapy sessions afterwards. Moreover, do not tell her that she is a great girl but you just do not deserve her. Even though she might be ok with this at first, she will soon realize that you lied in order to be nice about the break-up.

In this situation, although it might be a cliché, honesty really is the best policy because if you treat her and the relationship with respect and maturity, you will be able to soften the break-up.

Dumping her is hard, but you should only break up with her in person. If you choose not to, you will prove her that you are a coward who lacks the integrity and the sincerity to tell her that this relationship is over.

It is hard to tell her this in person but you kind of owe her to personally break up with her. This doesn’t mean the phone or, God forbid, the e-mail, but rather, in person. More importantly, give her a heads-up that you need to talk. This will let her know that there is something going on and she will have the time to prepare for a serious conversation.

She might get emotional when you tell her that you want to break-up with her so you should do it in public. It will make it easier for you to tell her what you want before she starts crying. You should invite her out for lunch where you first met.  The idea of a full circle will give her a sense of closure and she will be able to get over the break-up more easily.

When you tell her the bad news, be sure you are keeping a serious face. Leave no room for doubt and maintain your position, especially when she starts crying and you will feel guilty and horrible. You shouldn’t delay the moment to make it worse and prolong the agony.

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