Can a fling turn into a relationship?

Can a fling turn into a relationship?


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As you may have noticed already, nowadays courtship does not really exist anymore. People meet through friends or at bars and then randomly hook up when they are drunk. If in the morning that person does not repulse you when you sober up you might be tempted to give her a chance and maybe see each other again.

Most relationships nowadays start by having casual sex with someone and then discovering along the way that you have common interests and there could be more between you than just sex. The problem is how does this work and how do you make the transition from a casual fling to a serious relationship?

If you have been spending the nights with the same person for a while now, you may be tempted at times to make it permanent and enjoy each other on a regular basis. However, do not let your hormones take decisions you might later regret. If you like this person, try to engage her in a casual conversation and see if you have common interests. According to the way in which the discussion is going you can later decide if she is a nice girl or not, but even if she is, you have to ask yourself if you really want to have a relationship right now. Would you be comfortable with changing the parameters of your relationship?  Are you sure you want to give up the nights of casual and no-strings-attached sex and take the responsibilities of a serious relationship?

Relationships can be much more fulfilling than flings because they also satisfy your emotional needs, not only the physical ones, but every relationship means you will have to compromise and commit to your partner. Unless you are sure that you can do it and you will not regret it later, than you should definitely go for it, but first you have to go through a certain transition. You can start by having casual encounters when you can talk, watch a movie or practice some sport together. This will create a bond between you and change the way you see each other.

From my experience, the best and healthiest relationships are based on friendship. If you start to feel like that person is a very good friend with whom you can share many things, then you will most likely have a solid relationship based on affection and respect. The key is, like always, communication. You always have to speak your mind and be honest with your partner if you want to have more than just a fling or if you do not want to get too involved. It’s your call; just make sure you take the right decision.

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