Changes she will hate in a relationship

Changes she will hate in a relationship


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At the first few dates, you always looked impeccable, smelled good, freshly shaved and dressed-up in clean ironed clothes but now things changed and the two of you seem to be in for the long run so there is no need to impress her anymore with your gracious and polite attitude. You believe that if you won’t shave for two days in a row she won’t notice or she won’t mind you wearing the same T-shirt both during the day and night.

Often when you find yourself in a serious relationship you get lazy and stop doing little beautiful gestures for her and you often neglect your looks when meeting her. When in a serious relationship, there are some natural changes due to an increased intimacy between the two of you, but there are also some little things that you change at yourself which will make her mad. This is a list of 6 changes that might appear in your attitude while in a relationship, changes which you need to correct or avoid in order to lead a healthy love-life.

You neglect your appearance and looks

Why she hates it: Of course, now you are comfortable with her around you so you can relax and act casual. Still, you shouldn’t forget to be careful and always stay fresh and in a good shape. If you neglect these physical aspects, she will feel that you don’t care anymore about the way she sees you, therefore that you don’t care about her anymore.

You start being too natural near her

Why she hates it: Many couples reach that level of intimacy where they go to the bathroom leaving the door opened. Some of them even eat from the same plate as a romantic gesture. From here, until burping and releasing other body functions in front of her it’s just a small step, which you must avoid. In time, if you keep doing these extremely impolite gestures, she will lose any attraction to you. Moreover, she will start thinking that you care so little about her because you act around her like among your buddies.

You forget birthdays and anniversaries

Why she hates it: At the beginning of your relationship you used to make such a big fuss over her birthday. Surprise parties, planned holidays and precious gifts were all there for her in the beginning. Now, that you are comfortable and won her over, you lay back and sometimes even forget to call her at the office and tell her “Happy birthday, my love!”. For a woman, this attitude shows you take her for granted and that she is easy to forget. Keep in mind that celebrating her birthday or her little achievements will keep the romance going.

You stop telling her how beautiful she is

Why she hates it: Women constantly try to look good for themselves and for you. If you don’t compliment her, she will think that you haven’t even noticed her new hairstyle or the new dress she’s wearing. The conclusion is that you stopped observing her completely and any effort she puts in making you appreciate her beauty is in vain. Also, remember that if she is not appreciated by you, she might find someone else to tell her how great she is.

You develop a bad temper

Why she hates it: Put yourself in her shoes. She started dating this nice and calm guy, she fell in love, got in a long-term relationship and now she discovers that the same guy who was so nice and calm at first, is now impatient and bad-tempered. How would you feel?

You stopped making compromises

Why she hates it: You used to enjoy spending some time with her family, but now you dodge each invitation and prefer to stay home and watch a game. At first, out of love for her, you were willing to see a chick flick with her, something romantic and cheesy, now you prefer to let her go with her BFFs and watch an action movie instead, all by yourself. If at first you used to make compromises and now you don’t do it anymore, she will start asking herself what happened and what is with the change in your attitude. Women have no problem in making compromises, but if she sees that her efforts are not paid back, she will not even blink when kicking you out the door. 

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