4 common breakup excuses from women

4 common breakup excuses from women


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Passing over a breakup is world and soul-shaking, sometimes it appears as one of the most difficult challange. When something so important for you ends, you tend to see everything in grey tones, especially if you are the one being announced that “it’s over”.

If you were the only one who wasn’t aware that it’s going to be kaput, is like a kick in the head which leaves you completely disorientated. More than this, it’s extremely painful when you receive some almost pitiful explanations for why the relationship is dead. Women are experts in using the most hallucinating excuses for breaking up with men. When your mind was totally numbed by such an event, your mind still tries to justify this as a nightmare.

The real agony and torture is when you wait for her to call you back and ask for forgiveness in her knees, begging for a new start. And you try different methods of assurance that she will really call back and explain this very bad joke, but she’s not calling.

Questions like these, will pop up in your head:

“What is she doing now?”

“Does she regret it, but she’s too proud to call back and apologize?”

“Does she have any idea of how much I suffer?”

I want to save you plenty of time and energy and give you some tips. If you’ve ever been dumped with one of the following excuses, there are little to no chances of her calling back.

1. “It’s not you. It’s me.”

This one is a classic. Believe it or not, sometimes it can really be only about her problems. Perhaps she’s a drug addict, secretly married, having eight kids and now she has to run from the law. There are several reasons why women feel the need of politely excusing themselves out from a relationship. In this case, be grateful that she saved you from a miserable life near her. If she wants to leave from your life, why would you want her to remain? Take it as a favor.

2. ”I want to build up my career now.”

This is another common breakup reason. She might actually wanted to say something like: “You can’t satisfy my material needs, so you are no longer dateable.” Don’t let yourself lead in error, only because she seems to have a beautiful soul. Some women are measuring your pocket’s potency from the first minute of interaction. Some of them are real gold diggers and others just want to be housewives with three kids, a white fence and no financial worry whatsoever.

Don’t take it wrong, this doesn’t mean that you can’t afford to satisfy her material needs, it just means that she won’t even give you a chance to do so. Many women choose to focus on a professional life in order to avoid getting hurt in a romantic relationship.

3. “I’m not good enough for you.”

In general, this excuse is used manipulatively. She is telling you that she doesn’t deserve you only to make you assure her with plenty of arguments that she is the one and the two of you are perfect together. Don’t let yourself manipulated. If she’s telling you that you’re too good for her, admit it and move on. She’s not worthy of any special treatment.

You should be with some sort of goddess who knows what she’s good at, what she’s capable of, therefore, a woman who needs a man as strong as you are. Ask more from yourself in order to receive more.

4. “I need some space.”

She needs you to give her space because you are overwhelming her and she can’t breathe anymore. Just being honest! But don’t stress too much. Some women just need a little bit of time apart from you, only to realize later how much they actually need you. Yep, women are so weird!

On the other hand, it might mean that she’s not really suffocated by your love, she just doesn’t have feelings as intense as you have for her. Give her some time to reflect, no matter what her final say will be, it will be a good thing for both of you.

The final tip is that women have two main reasons for breaking up with you. The first one consists in her several tries to get attached to you, without any results. In general, any woman wants to be in a relationship, so if a woman tells you that it’s over but that she tried to make it work, believe her.

The second reason is when that woman that you love so much, discovered that she might have someone better than you. Don’t take this as a hint that you’re no good, just that she could fit better with someone else.

No matter why your relationship with her ended, just appreciate the experience gained during the relationship and recognize the range of possibilities opened up for you. 

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