Coping with her family’s expectations

Coping with her family’s expectations


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Family expectations can ruin a relationship because if you are used to the pressure your family puts on you when entering into another relationship, it is hard to cope with the pressure put on you by her family. A new relationship is already hard enough but how about when you add the mental anguish of what her parents are expecting from you? You must make an effort to impress her family but to also listen to your heart.

What do they want from you?

Her family’s expectations can range from grandiose and obscure to petty, but you must keep in mind that the family instinct is more powerful when it comes to a woman.

To commit or not

No matter how you want to take it, men have to meet many family members before winning the approval of those who matter most. This can be a fabulous, rewarding process that will strengthen the relationship. Keep in mind, though, that if you do not show and demonstrate the proper level of commitment and respect, her family will be like the Inquisition. Moreover, you must know that her family will always have an unrealistic expectation of commitment. Her parents will either want her to take it slow or would have expected you to get settled down yesterday. No matter how high or low are their expectation her mom will not be satisfied until she sees a ring on her daughter’s finger.

Is she lost in the shuffle?

When a man is doing everything he can to please her family, he runs the risk of ruining his relationship. What men do not know is that every action they take to please her family will come back and haunt them. All the time you spend trying to impress her family, it is time in which you neglect her.  If you spend every family dinner talking with anyone but her, she will eventually leave you.

Do not try too hard, but win their favors

When meeting her family, try to forget about them and focus all of your attention on her. Make her as happy as you can, spend time with her, talk to her and let her parents see it because all a loving parent wishes for his/her baby is to be happy. You still have to respect and treat her family in a proper manner but all that pressure will slowly fade away as you show her family that you love their daughter.

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