Differences between men and women

Differences between men and women


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Men have always tried to understand women, but they never could and never will. We just have to accept the major differences between men and women, learning to show tacit appreciation, if not approval.

War of the sexes

Men and women are different and we should stop trying to agree and please each other all the time. We have to admit that we just don’t see eye to eye on certain points. If we would be honest with one another about our different opinions, it would be a lot easier to have a relationship.


Men have more issues when it comes to commitment, despite the fact that both sexes make concessions and overcome their doubts when it comes to it.  Men can accept monogamy but for most of them, commitment is a mental struggle, especially in nowadays culture which promotes nudity, players and pimps. That makes me wonder who our role models are. Moreover, I believe that women are submitted to the same ideas and if given the opportunity, will welcome commitment and marriage more readily.

Physical intimacy

Women like to “make love”. Even the phrase itself arouses their passion and desire and they want men to make love to them, but do men make love or have sex? There are times when the moment can be more emotional than sexual, but men are driven by lust and not love.  Women say the “make love to me” phrase to be put in the mood but once the act begins, it becomes explosive. For men sex is sex and love is love and they shouldn’t be forced to combine them.


This is by far the area where men and women are most different. For a man, it is either black or white. For instance, if your girlfriend has a problem, the solution is simple, at least for you. Men are all about results. Women don’t necessarily look for solution but wish to talk it out. They want men to listen, emphasize and offer feedback. For instance:

Woman: You just agree to make me shut up. You are not really listening. Sometimes I think you don’t care at all.

Men: You are overreacting. I am just trying to offer you a constructive advice.

Agree to disagree

That should be a comforting thought for women: men just want to make everything better and be their hero and make them happy.

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