Do women like online winks

Do women like online winks?


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Online dating sites provide their users with a number of ways they can apply to the internet etiquette, and there are many users that do several things that manage to upset women.

Most men admit that they are either too shy or afraid to talk to women, so they turn to online dating. The downfall of this is that it’s equally hard to try to connect with women online due to the irritating attitudes of some and foolish things said by men.

Communication quickies

Abbreviations, excessive use of smiley faces, pokes, nudges, winks and incorrect punctuation marks are the things that might cost you the contact with someone. Regardless of your good looks, your social status and the impression that you are the ideal man, if you don’t know how to correctly approach a woman you will lose any chance with her.

Online dating doesn’t come with a rule book that could give you answers to each and every question you may have, about how to behave with a woman you’re interested in. Here is some useful advice when it comes to talking to a woman on an online dating site.

1. A dictionary

If you have trouble with spelling some words or don’t know some meanings, get a dictionary, a woman is turned off by a man who can’t spell or misuses words.

2. The wink

In my opinion, you shouldn’t use winks because you’re inviting her to start the conversation, telling her at the same time that you are afraid to even say hi, so try not to use them.

3. Use winks after you started talking

Use a wink after you started communicating so as to communicate your intentions.

4. Flirt

If you click the flirt button and you don’t actually do it, the woman you sent it to won’t even reply.

5. Facebook for meeting women

When you try to meet women through the means of Facebook, never poke them. Doesn’t it remind you of the time when boys on playgrounds would poke girls and pull their hair a bit?

6. Smiley faces

The thing with emoticons is that you shouldn’t use them in excess as they can become annoying and they will make you look silly.

By any means, if you find someone you think you might be interested in, contact her, introduce yourself and talk about something interesting you found on her profile. Make the conversation interesting and don’t forget; try to avoid making the mistakes above and you will have all the chances to get to know her. 

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