Does she like me?

Does she like me?


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One of the most pressing questions a man could ask himself is if the woman he is interested in, likes him back. You start asking your friends what they think about the girl you are dating and whether she might like you or not.

You might think that as long as you behave in such a paranoid way in front of your friends you are not ridiculous because she will never see this side of you. Actually, you are wrong, because the moment you start torturing yourself with this question you give her full power.  Once it gets to you, your insecurity will not let you be yourself when you will date this girl again, because instead of showing her who you really are and feel comfortable in your own skin, you start being another version of you, the one you think she would like. Terrible mistake!

You should not try to impress a woman with things you generally don’t do or say. Women always feel your weakness and insecurity and while some of them would exploit it, others will just decide to avoid you because they want a strong man. So what can you do? The answer is simple: stop asking yourself useless questions and start wondering whether you like HER. Is she the kind of woman you always wanted to meet? Do you like the way she talks? Are you sexually compatible? Can you imagine spending your holidays with her?

She may have impressed you with her beauty, but this is not everything that matters when choosing your future girlfriend. Does she have a nice personality and a good sense of humor? Do you like spending time with her? Instead of focusing on what she feels towards you, focus on whether or not you think she is good enough for you. By doing this you will feel more confident in your own strengths and won’t show signs of weakness as soon as you see her.

Of course it’s normal to have some doubts and questions every now and then, but the key is not to let them take over you and make you lose composure. As I have already told you, confidence is the sexiest trait a man can have, so exploit it as much as you can and you will realize how women will start noticing you.

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