Ending it early

Ending it early


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Nobody likes to be dumped. But you can’t expect to go out there and not get hurt from time to time. This article is not about being blown off by someone whom you’ve just met. It is about the unexpected breakups with women whom you’ve already met, with whom things are progressing and all off the sudden she stops giving you any signs. You start wondering what wasn’t going well and what happened.

I do not like this way of dumping someone.  Breaking up with someone after only a few dates it is unfair but it is sometimes inevitable when you are single. There are times when you realize you are not fit together after only a few dates and you want to end it, but you owe that woman at least some kind of gesture. Silence may be the easy way out, but it might come back to hunt you so do it to others as you would have done to you.

Passivity is the worst course of action. You might meet her by accident and she might confront you in a not so appropriate moment. There are ways to manage these situations so don’t choose to sit back and hope for the best. This is the path of least resistance. You might think is a good thing to ignore her but she might not approve this. Avoid awkward situations by breaking up with her face-to-face.

Tell her the truth. Tell her that it was great but you are not in the same place and that you should both move on. Treating her with common courtesy will make it easier for both of you not only now but also when you’ll later run into each other. It is not worthwhile to leave a woman with a poor opinion of you. The world is a very small place and you never know when everything can come back and bite you. Moreover, reputation is a powerful thing and due to social media, it can precede more easily than ever.

A good reputation can have some real positive effects on your dating life. People talk and if you live in a relative small circle, it is important to manage your breakups with as much decency as possible.

Remember, this is about relationships that aren’t yet too serious. Breaking up from a committed relationship requires a different approach, but when it comes to this type of relationships, you have to be straightforward when ending it. Make it clear that you are happy that you’ve tried but that now you have to move on. Everyone deserves closure.

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