Fighting With Your Woman the Right Way

Fighting With Your Woman the Right Way


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Men have quite a difficulty when it comes to conflict resolution and this is because of their competitive nature. They perceive life as a competition so they always strive to win in every situation. However, you should know that a relationship is a not a contact sport, so in the end there are no winners. Once you realize that, you can start fighting accordingly.

First of all, whenever you and your partner get into a fight, you should fight with her and not against her. Do not use anything she says against her, avoid the overuse of rhetoric and do not give her the silent treatment. There is nothing to win in the end and this kind of behavior will alienate your partner.

Fighting is something natural and it should not be viewed only in the negative sense. Quarreling can also improve your relationship because you can express your discontent and let your partner know what you want from your relationship.

While in a fight, never refer to a past argument and to remind her that she was wrong and blame her again. You can argue as much as you want and express your dissatisfaction, but make sure that you only focus on the current fight. Do not always blame her and force her to admit she is wrong. You might think you have won the fight, but you should consider what that means in the long-run. She is your loved one, not your enemy. You should express you point of view in a calm and respectful way. Under no circumstances should you be physically or verbally aggressive towards your woman. She does not deserve this kind of treatment on your part and think about it, if you are calm and patient she will be more open towards what you have to say.

When you feel the argument might degenerate into a severe confrontation, leave the room and clear your head. It is better to leave the argument for a while than saying words you might later regret. You do not want to create an unfortunate precedent which manifests in a violent outbreak. Furthermore, it is said you should never go to bed while still mad on each other. It might be unrealistic sometimes, but at least try to make an agreement and discuss the issue the next day if you hit a dead end.

The bottom line is that you should always fight like a gentleman. Do not repress your feelings, but act in a respectful way no matter how serious the argument is. In the end, anger is not one of the signs that you do not love each other anymore, but indifference. So always be open to what your partner has to say and at the same time, let her know what bothers you in the relationship.

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