Finding women part 2 Get em where they live

Finding women part 2: Get’em where they live


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If you are looking to meet women, you just have to think about where you can find them or what you can do, and being inventive and creative will always help in this matter.

Every store has a possibility

If you want to meet women in any store you go to, you need to leave your music player in the car or at home and start looking for women when you go to the grocery store, the supermarket, or anywhere you might think of.

Even the girl at the checkout counter can be a delightful woman. You just need to smile and pay her compliments. If she responds positively, just ask her about her work schedule, and come back another time. Who knows, maybe you will ask her on a date soon enough. Surely, there will be those who are already taken, but the risks of rejection you submit yourself to are reduced to a minimum.

Shopping assistant

What is a better way of meeting a woman than helping her out in a hardware store, giving her advice on how to install that new faucet she just bought. You should carry a pen and a small piece of paper or old and useless business card, on which to write your name, phone number or email, in case she wants more free advice.

Let’s explore now the reverse of this situation, this being when you need help from a woman. You can ask her anything, because women love to help out. And if you ask her to help you pick pasta sauce, ask her if she can send you any recipes via email.

A man’s best friend

If you have a dog and you go jogging with him, I think you know that you instantly become a magnet for women dog lovers. Pay attention even in your dog park, where the most attractive women might stop or gather.

If you see an attractive woman with her dog, stopping to rest, go over to her, compliment her dog and ask her about it. Women generally trust that their dogs are good judges of character so it will pay to have a doggie treat in one of your pockets. If you get her dogs approval, it will be easier for you to get under her skin.

You can meet women everywhere, so it’s not that hard to find one who’s good for you. Help any damsel in distress and pay attention to some details and you are well on your way to finding that special woman.

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