Get Rid Of Her Emotional Abuse

Get Rid Of Her Emotional Abuse


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Emotional abuse against men is not so well-known, since most of the time women are those who are considered to be abused both emotionally and physically. Truth is, despite the fact that it is not a mainstream reason for concern, emotional abuse against men is actually common. They feel ashamed to talk about it, or even admit to themselves that they are being continuously harassed by their partners.

How do you know you might be a victim?

First of all, the traits of an abusive woman are not so hard to detect. If she is continuously attacking your pride, self-esteem and self-confidence and you no longer feel comfortable around her, you might be a victim. Let’s make it clear, when I say victim I do not refer to a weak person, but to someone who is abused one way or another.

Secondly, if she feels the need to be in control all the time and also gets paranoid whenever you do not answer a phone call or when you make a plan without consulting her, then you might have a problem. She might also become aggressive and insult you in a malicious way every time she feels provoked.  The thing is, no matter how great you think your relationship is when she is at ease, you will always be spinning in a vicious circle. Even more, if you give in and do whatever she wants you to do just to avoid verbal reprisal, then you are most definitely a victim of emotional abuse.

Once you realize that you cannot engage her in a conversation nor have a civil argument with her because she will tear your ego down, and you choose to always have it her way, then you are stuck in a position from which you will not get away easily. Most men continue lying to themselves that they are not victims or maybe they cannot even realize that. However, when your family or your friends start warning you about her or even worse, step in on your behalf to protect you when she is verbally abusive in their presence, it is obvious you are her victim.

These are all signs that your partner is an abusive woman, obsessed with control and heavily manipulative. No matter what you would do to make her happy, you are never good enough. She will always find reasons for complaint and try to make you feel you are always wrong.

The only way you can break this cycle is to take attitude and show her you are no longer willing to accept her behavior towards you. An ultimatum will only work if you keep your word; unless you do that, you will be a victim yet again. You already know her bark is worse than her bite, so if you decided to leave her, do not look back; let her face the consequences of her deeds.

As hard as it may be, you need to move on with your life and regain the confidence you may have lost during your last relationship. Find a woman who loves the person you are and respects you no matter what.

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