Go for romance

Go for romance


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Some have a sense for romance in their blood while others need to learn a thing or two. If you are up for a romantic date but you don’t know how it’s done, this article might help you with seducing your lady in an old school manner.

Love at the candlelight

Candles have a special place in a woman’s heart. We don’t know exactly what is so special about a candle, but women fall for candlelight most of the times. It might seem outdated, but if you wait for her to arrive home with the bedroom surrounded with warm candlelight, she will most likely offer you some of her love in that intimate light.

Use the musical power

Music is known for being capable of creating the right atmosphere. Women are especially sensitive to sound so what you need to do is to take her out for a passionate night at a tango bar. Or, you could take her with you at a flamenco class. Use music for setting the tone right for the night you dream about.

A movie for her tastes

As much as we dislike them, women love chick flicks. Where there is love and drama, there will be a woman eating pop-corn and crying silently. Take her out to that romantic movie she kept talking about. Make her feel special and cherished by making a compromise.

Spoil her

Giving your girlfriend a massage from time to time, is normal. But if you want to make her feel like a princess, try and massage her properly, with scented body oils. You will get really romantic if you surround the bed with candles and set up a good musical background.


Alcohol has a name for being a massive aphrodisiac. Also, if you decide to buy a fine bottle of wine for you and your lady, you can set up a nice dinner and some good background music. She will make herself comfortable and lose all her fears and complexes, appreciating your romantic figure. 

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