Handling common dating traps

Handling common dating traps


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Many times when you like a girl and you start dating her, things will not go as planned or as you hope they will. Here are some tips on how you can prevent some awkward situations.

She may have seemed like a nice and sociable girl when you first met her, but now, at your first date, she is rather aggressive and challenging. She might seem a bit overconfident and mean, but the truth is there might be several reasons behind her behavior. She is either feeling insecure and she is trying to compensate that by “attacking” you, or she is actually challenging you to see if you are a real man who can handle her. The only thing you can do which might successfully ease the atmosphere would be to act confident and “retaliate”. You can tell her something like “I had no idea you were so mean the first time I met you”, or if things are getting really sexy you could use a phrase like “Well, I can take you to my bed and show you the kind of man I am”. However, make sure you use this type of sexy phrase in an appropriate context.

Another common trap in which many men easily fall is the friend-zone. You will never hear about a guy waiting for two years for this wonderful girl when she all of the sudden realized she loves him back. This is because it will never happen. The only one putting you in the friend-zone is yourself, so unless you want to become her “brother”, do not be her shoulder to cry on, go shopping together for lingerie and rub her feet after a rough day. If you settle with being friends then it is completely your choice. If you want to be more than that, you have to step up and act like you are determined to make her yours. Women love confidence, there is nothing more attractive than that, so do not be a wuss and take a chance.

When it comes to meeting The One, we all agree that you just feel she was meant for you. However, there might be some signs which will cast a shadow of doubt on your relationship. If after several months of dating, you are still paying attention to whatever you say so as not to upset her, or you have to dress and act in a certain way, then it might be a sign she does not love you for who you are but for who you might become. Privacy is also important even in a relationship. No matter how close you are, you should never feel like she is restricting your freedom by checking your e-mails and phone messages. We all have the right to a private life, and as long as it does not affect your relationship directly then she should not invade your privacy.

Although it is not mandatory that your friends love her, you should always take into consideration their opinion because they are the ones who know you best. If they all agree she might not be right for you, maybe you should reconsider your position and immediately have an honest conversation with her pointing out what she might be doing wrong.

Last but not least, if you come home and she is never there or she is always going out with other men, then you have a huge warning sign flashing before your eyes. You have to make sure that you are on the same page when it comes to the level of commitment and monogamy in the relationship. If you have different views on your relationship, then you might not be fit together. Even if you are head over heels in love with her, there are some signs which might prove you wrong when it comes to finding The One. Be a man and accept the situation, it would not be fair for either of you to stay in a relationship destined to fail.

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