Happy birthday to us

Happy birthday to us


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Anniversaries are important in any couple’s life whether you celebrate the first time you got together, the first time you kissed or the moment you made your relationship official, all of them are special.

Celebrating between the two of you is not enough, your special moments need to be commemorated with gifts that will show each other what you feel.

The problem that arises most often is what gift to get so that it is perfect. It needs to be something more than flowers and chocolates, so you should take some time to get ready.

The day

The most important aspect of the anniversary is to remember the date correctly. You need to know what she wants to celebrate the most, the first time you kissed or the first time you made love.

This is why knowing the exact date is important, if you don’t know it, try hard to remember, after which you can circle the date in a calendar and remember it for the years to come.

Subtle ways for finding out from her what the date is, is asking her about what made her come to realize that you were right for her or when did she start to have feelings for you. Questions like these will help you determine at least a time period in which the event took place.

The gift

Why don’t you try to buy her something to thank her for the wonderful times you spent together instead of just a two-year anniversary present? The trick is to get her something that means a lot to her. You don’t have to spend your whole paycheck on the gift, unless you are also trying to make up for a mistake.

Don’t buy her gifts you get on Valentine’s Day, even if they’re the easiest things you can get. If you want to make something special, ask one of her girlfriends to help you out. But be careful you know that women have a very strange ability to determine your feelings for them through the gifts you buy.

What she wants

If you want to find the perfect gift for her you need to start your search weeks or even months before the anniversary. Don’t wait to get it the week before, you will panic and choose the wrong one.

If you wish not to disappoint your girlfriend you have to pay attention to her. When you go out, listen to her because she could give you great hints. If you go shopping with her, watch her as she runs around picking up things and looking at them, you know you can tell by her look what she likes.

If she takes you window shopping with her, she actually is trying to help you by showing you what she likes or what she wants, whether she realizes it or not.

If you still don’t know what to get her, you can turn to her family and friends, besides the fact that you will grow in their hearts for showing your devotion for her to them, you will be helped in your quest to find the perfect gift.

The detective

A woman expects her boyfriend to know exactly what she wants. So playing the detective with her will surely pay off because you will manage to find the perfect gift as well as gaining extra points from her because you went to all this trouble to find it.

If you are the lazy type, you can try one of the suggestions below.

The photo album

Probably one of the best gifts you can give a woman, because they love to be reminded of the beautiful times you spent together.

Music compilation

Gathering all of her favorite songs on one CD shows your girlfriend that the time you spend together is valuable to you and that while you enjoy her taste in music, you also get to relive some of the best times.

The spa

Women love to be pampered and they love spending time with their boyfriends. Taking her to a spa resort where the both of you will get a complete body makeover is going to make her appreciate you more. Most men don’t sacrifice themselves this much for their girlfriends.

Tickets to a show

There is nothing more pleasant than going with that special someone to her favorite concert, or theater play. It will prove to her that you know what she likes.

The bed and breakfast

This kind of getaway is perfect as you get to create new and wonderful memories. If you take her to a beautiful place and have a romantic weekend together she will definitely love it.

The massage kit

Give her a sensual massage through which you let her know how attractive you find her. You can also get her a beauty basket with lotions and creams, women love them.

The tips you find here will surely help you find the best gift for your girlfriend. You just have to pay attention to her and show her how much she means to you.

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