Having an affair with a married woman

Having an affair with a married woman


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Picture this: you are at the bar having a drink, when you meet this gorgeous woman who starts hitting on you. One thing leads to the other and you see yourself heavily flirting with her when she proposes you to have sex.

You may think that nothing could have gone better when you get up in your car and she says she has a confession to make. She tells you she is married, but she is not happy so she wants to have fun just for the night. As much as you would go for it you still stop for at least a second and think whether you should do it or not.

I have to admit, most men would enjoy an affair with a married woman, because she is so dissatisfied with her marriage that she will channel all her sexual energy in that one-night-stand. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this kind of temper, but the question is: Is it moral to do it?

The answer is no. Of course it’s not moral to have an affair with a married woman. I am not preaching monogamy here, but you should always put yourself in her husband’s shoes. What if you will be married someday and your wife will be the one eager to have sex with another guy? What if the mother of your children gets picked up in a bar and goes home with a stranger? It kind of makes you think again, doesn’t it?

You may think that even if it’s not you the one sleeping with her, there’s going to be another man. This is true, but can you really accept the consequences of your deeds? Can you readily accept to be the lover of another man’s wife? This man could be an acquaintance or a co-worker; you can never know.

In the end, it’s your call whether you go to bed with her or not, but always consider the repercussions which may stem from your decision. A married woman will always be the forbidden fruit most men dream of, but sometimes you should try and be the better man. There are plenty of single women out there willing to have no-strings-attached sex with you, so why risk getting involved in a dangerous situation?

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