How to avoid getting back to the wussy behavior

How to avoid getting back to the wussy behavior


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Even if you used to be a player and a guy who attracts women without much effort, perhaps now you fear of getting all soft and manageable. Usually, this happens when a man gets involved in a romantic relationship and his partner is a strong independent woman who tries to control him, by impulse.

Here you have some tips on how to stay cool and self-confident in your abilities.

1. Get a life

Make yourself busy. Spend some time alone, but not too much. Alone time is good for you because it will help you reconnect to your inner self.

When you are away from your partner, with friends and family, involve yourself in activities which don’t necessarily lead to meeting her. Practice your long forgotten hobbies and try some new ones. Try to develop yourself as character and personality. Getting to know better what you’re good at will help you set your grounds and principles in your relationship.

Having a busy life will make her miss you and crave for you. That’s already half of what you need in order to avoid being a wussy.

2. Don’t get soft and mushy too much

Get romantic on her only from time to time. Wine, gifts and candles are a great spice for your relationship, but if you do it too often, you’ll get her used with this treatment and eventually she will get bored. Don’t tell her too many lovely words either. Of course, you should manifest your affection, but it’s not recommended to overwhelm her with “honey bunny” and “you’re the center of my Universe”. She will totally hate it at one point and grow a fear that you feel more than she does, thus making her feel suffocated.

3. You should be the one ending a discussion

End the phone call, the date, the texting and every other interaction with her on a high note. Make her feel like she would’ve loved to talk or see you some more. It’s easy to do so when you end everything a little bit too early.

Don’t let your love for her make you turn into a boring and pitiful wussy. 

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