How to be chivalrous

How to be chivalrous


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What used to be considered as chivalrous some decades ago, it’s now seen as cheesy and needy. Here you have some gestures and behaviors which are still considered as being chivalrous but in an elegant and romantic way.

1. Do: Guide her through the room

Put your hand on her lower back as you’re walking together to a party or restaurant. Guide her through that entire crowd. This will make her will protected and cherished.

2. Don’t: Write her juicy love letters

Sending her a cheesy e-mail with all your thoughts about how amazing your last date with her was will probably make her think you’re cute. But chances are that she will forward that mail to her girlfriends who will point out that you might be a ‘lady whisperer’ or you are already obsessed with her.

3. Do: Open the car door for her

Every man should hold a door open for a woman. Yes, you have to walk to the other side of the car to open that door for her, but this will score you some big points.

4. Don’t: Insist on paying for everything

It is fine that you want to pay for dinner and the after-drinks, but you should never suggest taking her out for shopping or to the spa. It’s not a nice thing to do because in this way you show off that you are financially potent and in the same time, you invite her to become dependent on you for everything she wants.

5. Do: Move her to the inside of the sidewalk

Moving her to the inside of the sidewalk you are practically covering her with your body from every potentially dangerous cars. This gesture will show her your protective and self-sacrificing side.

6: Don’t: Let her win

No matter what game you play with her, never let yourself beaten. Show her that you treat her as your equal and fight back. Also, this will make her understand that you fight for what you want. Obviously, you shouldn’t get too proud of yourself if you win or the other way around if you lose.

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