How to bond with your girlfriend

How to bond with your girlfriend


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While fairy tales might seem wonderful to children, they have created some unreal concepts about relationships. But when it comes to a relationship, getting the girl is now the easy part. What really makes it meaningful and worth it is getting to bond with her. It ensures a healthier relationship and you also get to have fun in the process.

1.       It’s essential to learn how to free your mind

I know that girls have rather boring activities. But have you ever tried them? Do you even begin to understand why they do them? It’s ok if you’re not enthusiastic about it, but taking up activities that your girlfriend enjoys will bring you closer together.

Gardening for example, can help you solve some of your life problems. It’s one of the cheapest forms of therapy and the ending result might even impress you and you wouldn’t have filled someone else’s head with the things that trouble you.

The main point is that your girlfriend can help you find new hobbies you wouldn’t have ever tried doing or even thought about. You will prove her that you are not afraid of being judged and if you don’t enjoy it, at least show your girlfriend that you can face the situation with a good attitude.

2.       Never lie about the way you feel

If you don’t enjoy the activity you and your girlfriend chose to do, it’s alright, just don’t lie about enjoying it. If you are uncomfortable with one or more of her hobbies, don’t be afraid to speak your mind, honesty, even if it might be hurtful sometimes is a highly appreciated quality in men.

Just be respectful and give her all your best reasons for not liking her hobby, I’m sure that if she’s a smart and nice girl she will understand.

3.       Explore your options

If your girlfriend has only one hobby, you can always suggest her to discover your passions. Why not pick up a new hobby together? There are so many things you can do and choose from that it’s practically impossible not to find something that interests you both.

Try to avoid athletic activities if you don’t like sports in general, try video games instead.

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