How to date her twice

How to date her twice


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It has been found that a man can sense if a woman has long-term potential right from the first date. When I first read that, I got a little more stressed on my following dates, knowing that if I like the guy I have to ‘help’ him realize that I might be good for the long run. But then it hit me. Men are the ones who have to get stressed especially if the woman they first dated seems like having potential for a long term relationship. Why? Well, this means that you will want to see her at a second date, at a third date, etc.

I am a woman and if I can’t make you dress better, work out or change your hairstyle through my articles and tips, I can at least, show you how it’s good to behave when you want to see a woman twice.

1. Question her

Women are big talkers, chit chatters, unstoppable braggers and critics. You all know this, right? So ask her questions! Ask her about her childhood, where she grew up, where she went to school, whether she has any brothers or sisters, ask her everything that comes into your mind and you would like to know.

Obviously, she will expect the same openness from your side, too, therefore equilibrate the conversation with stories about your life which make a link with what she just answered.

Make a woman talk about herself and she will be yours for the second date, for sure.

2. Act nice

Remember that women are keen on details. She will notice the way you get to the booked table, the way you talk to the waitress, how you tip the bartender, how you smile to a familiar person and much more. Your interaction with other people, who you don’t need to impress on this first date, is crucial in designing your personality.

If you are selfish and egocentric, she will see that in the way you look at other women while she talks to you, or in the way that you talk only about yourself.

3. Pay for the dinner

It’s the polite way to pay for dinner. Pick up the tab and prepare the money, if she suggests splitting the tab you should decline adamantly. However, if she insists hard to pay her share, you should let her do that. It might mean that she knows that there is no chance that she will go out on a second date with you.

4. Go in for a kiss

Giving your date a little bit of romantic attention will increase your chances in seeing her next time. If you are too afraid to lean in and give her a soft romantic kiss, she will most likely categorize you in the friend zone and next time you will meet her she will tell you everything about her new date.

5. The Two-Day Rule

If you contact her the next day after the first date, you will seem a little too eager and she might get the wrong idea. If you wait too long, she will already start and search for another date with another guy.

The best thing is to call her after a couple of days and ask her for another date since the first one was so fun and interesting. You have all the chances of dating her twice, at least.

Good luck!

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