How to date older women

How to date older women


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So you meet a woman who is practically perfect for you. There’s just one thing… she is 20 years older than you. How can you keep her interested and show her that you are sufficiently mature to handle a date with a confident and experienced woman as herself?

Here we have gathered for you some tips which might help you show her that you deserve her attention.

Act mature

You have to know that women mature faster than men. So if you already have 20 years difference between the two of you, you need to show her that your mind is sharp enough to date her. A woman in her 50’s won’t appreciate another kid to raise, so act like a serious grown-up.

Do your homework

Studies show that woman reach their sexual peak much later in life than men. This means that a confident attitude and a sense for control must be felt in bedroom, too. She will want you to make her feel good physically. If she is mature, it doesn’t mean that she will do all the work just because she is more experienced.

Younger men are appreciated by mature women for their energy and sex drive. Prove to her that you are a man in bedroom.

Learn about her times

She is up to date with everything modern so your job is to know a little about her earlier times. Find out what were her favorite movies when she was a young woman, try and see what kind of music was the most popular. Also, try and take her to an old-school Italian restaurant or take her to a classic picnic with a vintage car.

If you want to conquer a mature woman, you have to act confident and grown-up. Be attentive to all the details of gallantry and make her feel comfortable around you. 

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