How to get a woman attracted to you

How to get a woman attracted to you


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Meeting women is not such a hard task. It’s not so difficult to strike up a conversation with one, either. The most difficult part is to make a woman want you the same as you do. How can you make her crave for your attention just as you crave for hers?

Some say that you can’t do anything about this, if the woman likes you she will act accordingly, if not, just move on. In my opinion, that’s simply wrong. It’s true there must be some chemistry but attraction is something you can generate. Like in a dance, if you make the right moves, everything will roll smooth.

1. Your posture

A good composure is attractive because it shows confidence and strength. Women are highly sensitive to these traits.

2. Your perfume

A good scent is a turn on for everybody, especially for women, since smelling good is a sign of self-care and hygiene. Also, it has been proven that certain scents and perfumes have an aphrodisiac effect.

3. Your voice

A man’s voice might work wonders. You have to take into account that women have a very fine hearing and they are attentive to every voice inflexion. Imagine how attentive a woman is to your voice, since many of them can figure out when you are lying to her or not, just by paying attention to the sound of your voice. Set your voice in a low and calm register; make it vibrate in her ears. She will be ecstatic.

4. Your walk

The way you walk when you are up approaching her says a lot about the way you are as a man. Women love to walk hand in hand with a man with composure and attitude. You have to walk like a gentleman.

5. Your body language

Your body language is your most important asset. With the right gestures and eye contact she will fall for you within minutes. Learn how to spread your charisma in your body language. 

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