How to help her get out of her shyness

How to help her get out of her shyness


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Many women have shyness issues and wish they could be more sociable. Sometimes, a woman will take her shyness to the extremes and even if she likes you, she won’t meet you.

For men, this is a real pain. They have to initiate and maintain the interest, but when a woman is shy or a natural introvert, a man’s struggle is almost useless. It’s hard getting to know a woman if she just won’t open up, plus sometimes, a woman like this makes a boring conversation partner.

The happy news is that shy or introvert women have a cure. You just have to learn how to communicate with them. Act with them like with something very fragile, take patience and help them get out of their shell.

Usually, shy women act like this because of the fear of looking foolish. Instead of opening their mouth and risk saying something foolish they prefer remaining quiet and avoid an embarrassing situation. Also, their quietness and introversion gives them a strong sense of control.

Get to know these women by trying out the following tips.

Win her trust

The appearance might be wrong. If she seems shy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she really is like that. In many situations, guys discover under that quiet mask, a real chatterbox. But you have to understand why it’s like this. In today’s world, women are not very encouraged to talk to strangers. Out there are a lot of lunatics and mean people so it’s kind of obvious that women learn to open up very slowly. If you want them to start talking, you should show them that you deserve this, that they can trust you with their intimacy so, be patient.

Think about this need of feeling secure and find a way of showing her that she can really trust you, that you are honest and will take care of her. In case you are shy too, trying to make a woman talk will also help you to get over this issue.

Take it slow

Don’t rush her, don’t tell her to open up already or show any kind of impatience. Be perseverant, but in a nice way, in the way that you show her you will wait for her to open up. If you do get her nervous with your lack of patience, she will run away, for sure.

Keep a safe distance

Once you've started dating her, don’t think that your test has come to an end. The physical meeting is even more delicate. Even if now she’s talking to you, a gesture that is too close, a touch that is too intimate will get block her back even more than before. Take it step by step. Each time you touch her or hug her, make sure you read her well and that your affectionate gestures are welcomed. Otherwise, you will shock her and she won’t even give you a second glance.

Take her out for dinner

During the first attempts of meeting each other, you should choose a location where she can focus on something else too. Taking her to a nice restaurant will be a great distraction from the stress of meeting you. Also, a restaurant is not supposed to bring the two of you too close, too soon. Until that stage, you can talk about your shared meal, about the service or any other easy subject. Like this, she will accommodate with your presence near her without even noticing the change.

Act like a man

Act with confidence in a respectful way. Treat her like a lady. Make her feel valued and precious. Pull her chair, open her doors, order for her, pick up the tab and walk her to the door at the end of the date. If you act as a gentlemen, she will see that you do anything to make her night easy and beautiful. Her words will start flowing easily.

Smile to her

Keep smiling to her. Throw some clever jokes, make her laugh. Women love a man with a good sense of humor and believe it or not, it’s not so hard to break the ice.

Make turns

When you’re out with a shy woman, you have to keep the conversation alive. Ask her some questions, nothing too intimate at first.  Tell her your stories, make funny faces, even be the joker for her. Do whatever it takes to avoid a dull conversation. Prepare interesting topics that the two of you could debate. Try some current events, cultural facts, etc.


If you are not ready to take her out of her shyness and just want to be near her and get comfortable, from the start, take her in a place where talking isn’t a requirement. A museum, an art gallery, a movie or an adult arcade are the perfect places where you can go without feeling the need to make bright comments. 

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