How to let her know that you care about her

How to let her know that you care about her


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Let’s say that you are in a relationship with a pregnant woman by an abusive ex. Right before she has the baby she thinks about giving the guy another chance, because of her idea of family. After a while of unsuccessful tries with her abusive ex, she wants to come back to you and since you still love her, you will probably want to let her know that you care so that she doesn’t run off again.

This situation is very tricky because you are in a difficult place and you most certainly don’t want to go through this kind of drama again. What you can do is let her know how exactly you want your relationship to be and it’s recommended to set some boundaries. It’s easy for her to manipulate you, but try not to let her break your heart again.

You must be aware of how much help a new mother needs. You can be a platonic friend to her, showing her that you care by running errands, but don’t let any romantic feelings slip in since you know that her previous relationship had more “juice” to it. You need to be clear about what you actually want from her and don’t let feelings get in the way to cause you more heartache.

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