How to maintain the upper hand in a relationship

How to maintain the upper hand in a relationship


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As the saying that the man of the house wears the pants goes, it gives us an urge to look at the struggle in relationships. How you deal with the problems that emerge in your relationship says a lot about who is actually wearing the pants in your relationship. So, if you want smooth sailing, you need to take control of the wheel, but don’t cross the line.

Different tastes and different opinions sometimes can lead to arguments, so how can you maintain the upper hand in your relationship? Is it even ok that in this day and age couples still fight for the power in relationships?

Here are some useful tips regarding the power struggle with your girlfriend.

Share the crown

Since every single relationship is based on mutual respect and a shared experience you need to share the “crown” at least once in a while. Even if she is a compassionate and driven woman, with high goals and hopes, women gladly play the submissive part in the relationship, as long as the man they’re with is trustworthy, but they still have to take the lead and be taken seriously.

If it comes to planning a vacation, a date or even your wedding, I think it’s common sense that you leave it up to her. Besides this, she can decorate a house better, as well as picking clothes for the both of you.

If you see that she is good at something, and that she likes doing it, let her do the things that make her feel good and always compliment her on her results.

Try to balance both your choices, for example pick a price range for restaurants, and then let her pick one of them, as well as when buying a car, you pick the model, she picks the color. The only thing you have to let her know is that you fuel each other’s power with love, even if it does sound cheesy.

Quid pro quo

Everything in your relationship must be equally shared and you need to know how to negotiate, so that every good moment is equally felt on both sides. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you can agree on everything, for example if she gets that dress she wanted why shouldn’t you get something for yourself.

You can do things her way but never lose your manhood, because if you do it all the time, she will lose the respect she had for you.

Domination in the bedroom

The bedroom is a man’s natural environment if I may say so, it’s the place where you are the center figure. So if you want to dominate her, be her king, you have to rock her world, but you already know this.

It is important to know which battles to choose and the balance will bring you both more joy and appreciation for each other’s tastes and interests.

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