How to meet gamer girls

How to meet gamer girls


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Gaming in the last couple of years has become a very social activity, thus creating a great opportunity for people to bond, become friends and maybe even more.

We present you a few tips to meet a girl that shares your interest in gaming.

1. Avoid boy clubs

The online gaming environment is mostly male dominated, but you can surely find girls that play them too. It’s just like going into a bar and seeing a group of girls, while you are sure they are intelligent and have interesting hobbies, when they are in a group they discuss girl things. The same principle is applied to you and your friends. If you want to meet a gamer girl you should avoid acting like a spoiled brat, name calling and so on.

2. Be active

The gaming environment has evolved a lot in the past years and now people that play them are not the “nerds” and the introverted acne filled people, but a lot of different and socially open people with great senses of humor. If you want to meet them, all you have to do is to see where there are gatherings. You can find out through gaming forums or Reddit. You can even take the initiative and start one yourself.  Remember this: girls love guys that are leaders and are ambitious.

3. Newbs

Most girls don’t play video games because they don’t know what they are. They don’t know how to play or just because they haven’t had contact with them. Just because a girl hasn’t played a certain game, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it or won’t enjoy it. If you have a girl that you like, why don’t you try teaching her, just don’t get too competitive and try to actually show her how to play.

Take this last piece of advice because it’s a great way to bond with someone and who knows how things will turn out by the end of the round.

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