How to receive more than a goodnight kiss

How to receive more than a goodnight kiss


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Have you ever asked yourself how the guy living next door always manages to lure his dates into his apartment right from the first night, while you receive just a goodnight kiss?

Well, if all that you offer is a boring night, what else can you expect?

Still, if you learn how to make a date to be passionate and exciting, you will receive even more passion after the date. A dinner at the candlelight will probably give you the chance to kiss her, but an adventurous ride in town will raise her adrenaline level to the sky!

Get rid of all those expensive designer colognes

Do you really think that taking a bath in your expensive perfumes will make her go wild? You shouldn’t!

According to some studies, the excessive and extended use of cologne is causing a decrease in a woman’s desire mainly because the persistent scent of a perfume covers the natural pheromones thus reducing the level of attraction.

If you really want to make her be attracted to you, take a shower with fresh scented shower gels and after that use a delicate deodorant. Finally, use a fresh spray with fruity scents. Every woman loves the clean and fresh smell of a man.

Be the bad boy

If she’s a young one, go for the bad boy attitude. Talk to her about your hardcore past, tell her stories from all the places you’ve been to, drive her with the motorcycle (you are that kind of guy, obviously).

Do anything that you know a bad boy is supposed to do but without the totally irresponsible part. A young woman will enjoy your sense for danger and adventure and she will fall easier for a strong and determined guy.

Drain her powers

Instead of taking her to a date where she will get bored and become nervous and anxious to leave, you should choose something for the first date which will make her sweat and lose energy.

For example, take her hiking, biking, Rollerblading or even mountain climbing. All that physical exercise will get her blood flow faster and it also will bring the two of you closer.

Make yourself unforgettable

Show up on a motorcycle, if you don’t have one, you should. Motorcycles speak about a man’s virility and power. Also, it gives her a nice sensation when she is holding you from the back while riding through the city. 

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