How to secure a first date: top tips for men

How to secure a first date: top tips for men


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Have you been wonderig why a first date with a woman almost never goes to a second one? Follow the next tips that will help you. Remember to make her feel special while being presentable and you’re halfway there.

  1. Ingnore the dating tips you find online

You must be thinking now that this is such a paradox, but I think you understand what I’m saying. The point is that you shouldn’t listen to the guys that brag about how many beautiful women they have slept with in a short period of time. And I’m most certainly not here to advise you on how to hunt women just so you can increase your list of women you slept with.

        2. Be presentable

I know it’s hard to pay too much attention to your personal appearance. But you don’t need to be dressed from head to toes in expensive designer clothes and wearing make-up, you just need to pay attention to your personal hygiene and grooming, for example you should avoid wearing a tracksuit or if you have a messy hairstyle, you could try doing something with it. Most of al,l you should be careful not to go around with food stains on your shirt, try talking to one of your female friends or family about picking clothes that make you not only look good, but also feel good. Shoes, I know, it’s terrible how important they are for women, but you need to take that in consideration and buy one or more new pairs.

      3. Try asking questions

When talking to a woman you can fall into one of two extremes: maniacal chattiness or total silence. Neither one is good, unless you are the type that is instinctively charming, but then I wouldn’t quite see the point of you reading this. The best way to proceed when talking to a woman is to pay attention and make them feel like you’re actually listening and that you’re interested in them. Ask them what they do, what goals they have, what they like, you will know what to ask when the time is right.

      4. Never show your obsessions

You need to be honest, you need to be yourself but you have to remember that humans are complex beings that generally have many faces, and some of those are not necessarily appealing. Sure, knowing all the players’ names in your favorite football team might be really helpful to you, but most women aren’t interested in seeing or hearing this right away, think about things that you could say that would probably interest you both.

       5. Do some exercises

I’m not insinuating that you get a six-pack in two weeks or something like that. Don’t start unnecessary diets or hire a personal trainer, it’s just a thing of common sense, constructing a chain like: if you exercise you feel good about yourself, if you feel good about yourself then you become confident and if you are confident you instantly become more attractive. You should try jogging at least once a week, it will eventually make you look better.

        6. What are your goals?

Try to decide if you want a life partner, or just a bit of fun. Just make a decision, but try not to be brutally honest with a statement like I want kids, but still, be truthful if you’re asked about it and if you’re not sure, then just say so.

         7. The venue

I know, it’s pretty tough to pick a venue, so as a solution try picking two locations, one in which you two should meet and one in which you would go after. I also advise you to take up a hobby, one that you could actually enjoy, or learn a foreign language, or even go to a few dance classes, something that will give you a little more perspective. 

          8. Learn to dance, or at least be willing to

Maybe you’re not very comfortable with this subject but women in general love to dance so it might not be a bad ideea to make it less of an issue.

          9. Patience

Try to relax, don’t start crafting unrealistic expectations, don’t even try to push a woman into doing things. Being a gentleman will make you seem like a good catch so try your best and good luck.

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