How you can be a more romantic man

How you can be a more romantic man


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There are a lot of things a man can do to impress a woman with their romantic attention and gestures. You will find here some gestures that really touch a woman’s soul when you want to be a romantic lover.

1. Wildflowers

Yes, flowers still make us smile. But to smile honestly and from the bottom of our hearts, you have to be creative. Instead of picking those old school roses try and make a nice bouquet of wildflowers. Something wild, free and natural as wildflowers show her the way your love is.

2. Picnics

A simple thing, like eating outdoors, in a park on a blanket tickles our heart. Women appreciate an intimate atmosphere or a picnic, plus it gives a little sense of a family, of a union. What could be better than feeding each other in a beautiful park, then looking at a sky through some beautiful branches?

3. Memories

Remember a nice moment spent together and try to recreate it. You should pick something like your first date or your first trip in another country. An event that will make her heart feel the same things she felt in that precious moment.

4. Sick day together

Instead of making her call her boss and ask permission to take a sick day off, call in her place and tell the boss that she isn’t feeling very good and will stay in bed for one day. In the morning, when she wakes up, announce her she doesn’t have to go to work and the two of you could do whatever she feels like doing.

5. A date at night

If you have kids, this will really blow her mind. With the kids always on her mind she will appreciate a little time of relaxation, at least at night. Go to a romantic concert or to a play and let her loosen up the stress.

Romance is there, you just have to find ways to let it out. 

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