Is appearance as important for women as it is for men

Is appearance as important for women as it is for men?


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Men have a funny way of thinking when they want to attract women. They spend thousands of dollars on gym memberships, cars, watches and expensive clothing, all this just to impress women. If we face reality, we discover that men know almost nothing about how to make a woman fall for them. 

We worry about all the insignificant things and neglect the most important aspects. For example, women care at least three times less about our physical appearance. Of course, they want an esthetically looking man, but not a super model. Actually, what really wins a woman over is our personality or our intellect. There aren’t so many women who have a criteria list on what they want from a man, physically, because they don’t care that much.

The physical looks count

Women search for a man who has a high sense of self-esteem. This means that they want him to show up at a date looking his best. A neat outfit, clean hands and a little perfume, these are the basics. If you break these golden rules, a real woman won’t give you a second glance.

Keep in mind that women are very attentive to details. Including your body language, even before introducing yourself, inspire confidence and charm. Don’t give her any chance to think that you are not worthy of her attention.

Finally, it doesn’t count at all

Let’s destroy this myth. You do not need to bulk up, to have six packs, to pay extravagant prices on gym membership or to get a magazine inspired body. All these are going to matter as little as your skills in scuba diving. If you want to steal a woman’s heart you don’t need to look like a model, but of course, you still have to be fit.

There are a lot of men who look perfect on the outside but on the inside they are unstable. A man can look average but if he is charming, intelligent and with a good sense of humor, he turns into a woman’s Prince Charming.

“Attractive” is different for every woman

Men are strongly influenced by the visual, so for us, the first things that we will notice are her looks. But even so, it’s wrong to assume that women do the same. Actually, instead of scanning our body, women turn on their radar on for intelligence, humor, character, integrity, chivalry, etc.

Apart from men, women are known to be more sensitive, emotional and moody by their nature. Therefore, they guide themselves by intuition when taking a decision. So no matter what you look like, make sure you inspire your woman a sense of protection, appreciation and kindness, she will naturally feel comfortable with you.  

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