Is It A Good Idea To Date A Virgin?

Is It A Good Idea To Date A Virgin?


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Men are constantly looking for the perfect woman. They need a woman who knows how to make business, cooks like a real chef and makes love like a lioness.

Sounds like the perfect creature, right? Well, only maybe.

It’s still unclear why men wish so hard for something they can’t have. We should decide what we want most from a woman? Is it her body or her mind? Or it’s the probability to be a good partner for life. Are we capable of having everything?

There are some possible mixes, but you have to get real and expect only possible versions of your Dream Woman.

Society made men think about women as absolute goddesses; the only problem is that there are only three main types of supernatural female beings: The Mother, The Whore and The Virgin. Who wants who? And why?

Many men aspire to a virgin out of different reasons. Learn here if it’s really a good idea to date and hunt for a virgin.

Erotic fantasy or turnoff?

When we think about a virgin, we either get repulsed or go wild. Some men think about the most pure and innocent things around the world and others will think about the joy of being the first one in everything for her.

Take in consideration the way you see a virgin. If you see her as an opportunity of satisfying an old erotic fantasy, then think twice, because you could break her heart and put yourself to some damage control work. But, if you think about a virgin as about something precious and divine, prepare yourself for the long haul.

The art of being patient

When dating a virgin you have to deal with more than the fact that she is a virgin. Perhaps she is unprepared for a relationship. Some virgins are body and mind alike. If your wanted girl hasn’t been through a long-term dating relationship at least, you will have to maintain her and teach her all the things she needs in order to survive your pretentions from a high quality relationship. Are you up for it?

Well, if you fall in love, of course you are.

If you are determined to date a virgin, learn to be patient and to accept and respect her wish for keeping herself until the right man comes up or until she gets married. Think well before getting emotionally involved with a virgin. You might fall in love and hopeful forever.

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