Is It Time For A Relationship Break? Part 1

Is It Time For A Relationship Break? Part 1


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What are we, as men, supposed to do when we feel smothered and trapped into a relationship that does not allow us some freedom? The answer is simple: maybe you should consider a break.

A break does not mean that you will break up, but that you need some time apart to consider your relationship and decide how you can improve it (if that is possible).

There are several reasons why you might consider taking a break from your relationship.

Things are moving too fast or too slow: you may feel that one of you is more committed than the other and you are not going through this relationship at the same pace. She might push you into committing too soon, or she might not seem to be as much into you as you are into her.

Routine is also a relationship killer, especially when your partner does not want to make a change together. She might reject any initiative you have towards improving your love life and a boring relationship is the least thing you want to be part of.

Falling out of love: After the “honeymoon” phase of your relationship, you might feel that you do not really miss her when she is not around. This is why you should consider having a break to clear up the situation.

Lack of respect: At a certain point in your relationship, she stops caring what you have to say and she does not respect you opinions anymore. You should wonder yourself if there is something you did to trigger this kind of attitude. Discuss the issue and see if she is willing to change her behavior towards you or you need to take a break.

You are not sexually compatible: This might be hard to accept, but truth is that it happens to many couples. Sex is very important in a relationship and if you don’t enjoy it with your partner, you should consider having a break or break up.

Sometimes men would like a break just to see if their woman misses them or she still takes them for granted. Spending some time alone might make her realize she needs you in her life more than she thought before.

Spending some time alone is very healthy for a relationship and if she does not understand that and does not give you some privacy, you should have a break for sanity’s sake. If your friends also tell you that you are looking miserably lately, then it is clear you are not happy with the way things are going.

In case you feel the need to meet other women and see what else is out there, you have to be honest with your partner and tell her how you feel. During this break you might realize that you actually miss her and you want to get back together.

When it comes to the conditions in which you decide to have a break, you should talk to your partner openly and consider together a solution. How? Read the second part of this article.

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